Thursday, May 24, 2018

Good news! Mike Rowe is doing Moog commercials! Maybe he'll be at SEMA! Well, I can hope, can't I?

a 1963 drop top 327 4 speed Vette that was parked in 1972 is finally getting a new owner that will drive it

Bought from the original owner in 1964 and driven until he decided to take it apart and restore it. Then, babies came along and he said he never got around to it. So, there it sat.

The engine is a numbers-matching 340-horse 327 and it still has the original four-speed.

I'm surprised to learn a couple things about Dan Woods today... ! Remember the famous Milk Truck? That guy, not the other one from chop cut rebuild.

Dan is still working on hot rods, at age 71, in far Nothern California, and one that he did in the 70s was the Mafia Mixer, though I've never heard of it before, learning new stuff about old stuff is what I do every day

Notice the artwork on his back wall

and it's currently in the planning stages of a restoration.

How cool is that!

Also, I hadn't known that he was part of the crew that built the RoAcH CoAcH, another iconic show car.

In 1978 Dan was part of a build of a modified hot rod with bubbles for a windshield, body moulding like an insect, multiple tailpipes and racing wheels of course.

The brainchild of RoAcH, Inc., the custom show car was designed by Ed Newton and built by Dan Woods, Don Boeke, and a band of merry men. The car was a ISC show-car for years.

The RoAcH CoAcH debut was a monster party during the 1978 NHRA Spring Nationals. The party celebrated the opening of RoAcH, Inc.’s new 100,000 sq. ft. facility, the top fuel drag racing team, and Stan Peterson’s’ wedding.

which I was told 7 years ago at SEMA was getting a restoration... but hasn't shown up yet

it's been through a lot of owners, but it started out as the pilot 1969 Formula S drop top Barracuda in the Chrysler parts book, and is 1 of 83 due to it's automatic

it was born with some nice parts too, the Performance Meter, which was a vacuum gauge in the dash and was a new option for 1969, AM /FM, and airconditioning for example. Only has 87k miles.

it's been traced back to a registration in Washington state in '75, then it was owned in Arizona, then Kentucky, then Indiana and now it's going to be restored by it's new owner in New York

Brendon's Firebird article in Car Craft just came online!

Stored since 1980, this Z 28/RS 1969 Camaro finally came up for sale, and poof, it's off to a collector who is going to store it, and not restore it. No doubt, it's going to be at an auction later this year or next year

The owner's health is failing, and his son is going through a divorce. I bet that had something to do with this getting sold.

It was stored in 1980, only has 37403.4 miles. It was taken out for a spin in 1994... but really... 38 years of sitting in the garage.

The original engine was factory replaced, and the rest of it's all original. Even has all the factory smog garbage.

those are the original tires, and seriously, amazing. Less than 800 miles on them as they were pulled in order to slap some better and bigger tires on.

The car is heading to the collection of Duane Lobbestael from the Detroit area. Duane has been a Camaro buff since he was 10. Born in 1969, he bought his first Camaro, a 1969 RS/SS 396, in 1984 from saved paper route money. He really likes this 1969 Rally Sport Z/28 because it is a “survivor.”

The AMBR winner for 2018 is significant in a couple ways other than winning the trophy

it's the first 1931 to win the AMBR
the first time a car from HR&H has won
first for it's owner

I found it surprising to learn a 1931 Ford roadster has never won before

Do you remember the Dick Flint roadster? The one that became famous for being a Hot Rod magazine cover car

He built that while working at So Cal Speed Shop for Alex Xydias... so, that explains his good taste in customizing it, and Hot Rod magazines knowing where to go to get it to be a feature and cover car.

He had finished it around 1947, and was racing it at El Mirage from 1948 (setting a speed record) to 1950 or 51. By 1961 his wife was unhappy with it taking up garage space, and it had to go (case in point, reminder to avoid getting married if you value your stuff)

A hot rodder doesn't change though, and in 1969 he found a damaged 1929 Model A Special Coupe, and put it in his garage for $400. It stayed in the garage for the next 30 years.

Now, tell me what sense it made for his wife to push the cool cover car out? It was just sold at auction for about $600,000, but all Dick was paid for it was $2500.

He set about hod rodding the '29 in 2001

seems to be a bit ridiculous

well, I guess this works too

Just pave around it?

A city spokesperson told NBC 7 the decision to pave around the cars was a judgment call made by the crew who thought waiting for a tow truck would have put them too far behind schedule. They also wanted to make sure the street was dry in time for school traffic the next morning, the spokesperson said.

the owners of the cars failed to follow the directions on signs posted along the street and street repair crews failed to tow the vehicles so they could complete the task.

these last two are images found with a google search that indicate it's a common issue... paving crews are getting paid by the hour, and job supervisors don't plan ahead and have tow trucks arrive before the job begins to clear out the illegally parked cars obstructing the zone

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

There seems to be a misconception about a shortage of 23 window VW buses... there won't be any shortage. Have you seen how many they're building replicas of, at Yumos?

Yumos VW, Semarang Indonesia has a crew of 30, and exports 90% of their finished vans. They make the vans from new parts, old 11 window vans, and a hell of a lot of work.

They take old Brazilian 10 windows, add a new aftermarket nose clip, etc etc is what I get from reading around the internet.

As best as Google can translate:

Yudi makes VW type Combi Brazil into VW type Dakota.

Brazilian combos are rarely glimpsed because the cost of re-assembling with a selling price is not comparable. The form is also considered less unique. Different eg with German Combi. Yudi prefers Brazilian Combi purchasing cost of Rp 20 million, Rp 60 million for the revamp cost. No buyer would pay that much for a Brazilian Combi.

"VW Brazil ngeding, I bought from the owner. His condition was ruined, there was no engine, only skeletal left. The concept of recycling is made into a dakota, "said the man who crossed the world overseas thanks to VW.

"I try to find a gap opportunities by making a basic clone. Take a Brazilian Combi that looks the same. Just change the front shape. Moreover Brazilian Combi population a lot, the condition is destroyed and the owners do not intend to fix it again, "said Yudi.

Watsh this video to get a quick tour around their shop

that's a tough truck, and a drunk driver appearantly

The Most Amazing Aeroplane in the World in 1919.

VW bug #3

I am very impressed with peoples innovative solutions to how to organize tools

1951 White moving van, with a crate 427 that was passed over on Ebay without a bid

in 1989 it was a magazine cover feature, but has fallen on bad times since. Now it's not running, brakes don't work, etc.

Thanks Case for the tip! 

rookie move, or rust. Either way, it's going to be a bad day

I hope this stupid bird doesn't have some crazy idea about nesting on this car

When your car insurance company told you that they were done being nice, and threw away the lube oil, they sent you this

Planning to buy a high-performance car?

It may cost you more than you figured. State Farm, like others automobile insurers, is increasing premiums on certain high-performance cars.
If you're thinking of purchasing one, we suggest you contact your State Farm agent before you buy.
He can tell you which cars are affected and by how much.
Policy holder information service, State Farm

David has one unusual street freak of a Dart

he doesn't have a photo of it, but there are two wings on the back... been there since 1971 he said.

We all know that a gasser look isn't everyone's cup o tea, and wings are rarely appreciated unless they are on a Super Bird, Daytona, or Hurst Olds... but I admire the moxie it takes to put them on and buck the trends. Making that car yours, and not some damn belly button look alike that's just ignored... that's ballsy. Good for David for letting it all hang out.

of course I was instantly reminded of Ed Roth's gasser dart labeled a Super Bee

Dang, some people sure do have a lot of hemis

If you ever wonder if they are rare, then no. They are simply all sitting in someone's garage.

How do I say that with certainty? Well, look around. They sure as hell ain't driving anything with a hemi to work anymore. They've all been collected, or they've been sitting in museums. Sort of a shame, to desire a speed part so much that it won't get used ever again.

That's just ironic. Buying up hemis to take them off the road. In these 2 photos along you're looking at about 10 hemis without cars. Probably from either blowing the motors up, or wrecking the cars.

But, you aren't looking at 10 cars with hemis, ready to go out and play, have fun, and make smoky burnouts. Damn shame.

Top photo from in Pennsylvania. Bottom photo I took in the hills north of Honolulu back around 1992 or 3

most astounding true story I've heard all month, an R code dual quad 427 Fairlane XL500 was found, bought, sold, and then the son of the new owner contacted him to let him know it was for sale again... 35 years later which is fine, the car hadn't left a heated bodyshop since he sold it

Bought in 1982, for $750 minus the short block, but with the induction, exhaust, and trans.

Oh, and it's a bucket seat one of 72 built, by the way.

Sold it a year later for 10 grand, intake and exhaust were sold separatly.

The man who purchased the Fairlane “did a little bodywork” and put a 427 motor together. His interests changed, and the car sat in a body shop.

 The 427 Fairlane owner died in the summer of 2017.

“The son called me. The problem was the car had been in a body shop for 35 years.”

The body shop owner wanted $15,000 in storage fees. (that's $35 a month)

Jay negotiated $12,000 in storage fees, for storing the Fairlane inside his heated shop for 35 years. You can't beat that.

you can tell the hood is a factory original, the bottom of the X has a sectioned area to allow room for a Dual Quad air filter