Monday, November 20, 2017

American Graffiti appreciation

Cincinnati public utility truck stolen with worker still in the bucket hanging Christmas decorations

City workers  were using the truck to put up holiday decorations for the city when Dennis Smith Jr. hopped in and drove off, according to police.

Security video recorded about 100 meters from where the truck was stolen shows the employee hanging onto the bucket, apparently trying to get into the bed of the truck.

The worker managed to call his office to report what was happening, WLWT reported. Another city worker called 911.

Cincinnati police used stop sticks to flatten the truck’s tires. Smith was arrested and charged with theft and kidnapping.

Darrell Davis, an author of over a dozen Mopar books (specializing in Max Wedge and Super Stock), and founder of the world's finest 1954 Belvedere collection, which he built a 1954 Plymouth showroom for

he sold the collection of 1954 Plymouths to Jim Benson, who has a Chrysler dealership in Greer South Carolina in early 2013

Darrell also built a replica of a Esso Servicenter

A former drag racer and a technical inspector for the National Hot Rod Association, he retired in 2001 as senior vice president for parts and service at DaimlerChrysler,

1959 fire dept training... but wow, the rigs coming out of the building

FDNY 1943

the Gyro X won the Dean Batchelor Trophy at Pebble Beach

Sunday, November 19, 2017

a 70s street freak version of a Vette

if you've tried most everything else possible, give this a shot too!

Judge orders New Orleans to refund three years of traffic camera fines; bill estimated at $28 million

the judge ruled that the city's decision to farm out the traffic enforcement program to the Department of Public Works at the onset of the program in 2008 violated the City Charter, and that the city therefore must repay all traffic camera fines issued from January 2008 to Nov. 3, 2010, according to plaintiff's attorney Joseph McMahon.

A spokesman for Mayor Mitch Landrieu's administration said Friday night that the city plans to appeal the ruling, and that people shouldn't expect to see refunds of their $110 ticket payments anytime soon.

Even if the city's appeal fails, McMahon noted, the city has a long history of leaving tens of millions of dollars in civil judgments unpaid for years.

More cool stuff from

muscle car racing in New Zealand

it's been too long since I've posted some rig racing

WW2 Soviet heavy tank destroyer is said to have been lost in Ukrainian village. However, 65 years later, they did the work to resurrect it. Some things were built to last. Skip the 1st 9 minutes

they have some interesting airplane loading rigs

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cool wagon stroller